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Creating a STEAM Room

We are excited to have completed the initial stages of a local grade school's STEAM initiative by creating this inviting and functional space for their students to explore learning and problem solving creatively through STEAM activities. This STEAM classroom has movable tables to create versatility, a makerspace area to house materials for engineering projects and other activities, areas to store projects still in the works, and a wall to showcase the students’ accomplishments. We are proud of the new space we have created for these young minds!

This was made possible from the support of the school's community. We were able to complete the initial phase of the STEAM room using profits from fundraising efforts as well as from the generous donations of time, talents, and monies made by friends of the community. Many of the recyclable materials collected for engineering projects been collected by friends and families, too. This is not the end, but just the beginning, with hopes to expand the classroom and advance their STEAM program with each school year.

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