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Learning how to problem solve is a key aspect to life, regardless of career choice.  STEAM is an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving that involves critical thinking and teamwork.  Arts, such as artwork, models, and written word,  are important in showcasing and articulating the problem and solution.  What About STEAM will provide a fun, introductory experience to this interdisciplinary learning, while giving the children exposure to laboratory exercises, robotics, computer analysis, and more.


This is a new STEAM program designed for students in the Washington Area.  Our team consists of individuals who want to share their talents and interests in learning with our younger generations.  We hope it is a fun and enlightening experience for all involved! 



Christine Coyle, PhD

Owner / Camp Director

Christine Coyle earned a PhD in Genetics and Developmental Biology from West Virginia University.  She has published several research articles in scientific journals in the area of fungal genetics.  Christine, with the help of colleagues, created the program, What About STEAM, in an effort to support the education of the youth in the Washington, PA community.  

Andrew Coyle



Patrick Baker

Social Media Manager & Curriculum Advisor


Cheryl Putman, PE

Civil Engineer

Paula Matthews

STEM Teacher

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